Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lazy summer days ...

Man, I'm kinda in a slump here! I have been totally neglecting this blog and still have not made all that pink fabric below into burp cloths! I do have a tendency to become a bit of a procrastinator in the summer but thats because I live in Minnesota and we only have 3-5 warm months a year(its looking more like 3 months this year ... boo!). I did find time last week though to make a few things like this adorable sock monkey security blanket ... its so cute AND soft!

I just ordered a ton of fabric yesterday - lots of new stuff - AND the chenille for those burp cloths so hopefully I will be able to get started on those early next week. When I am done I will have quite a variety, a little something for everyone hopefully.

And one last thing, I am so excited to almost be celebrating my 100th sale on Etsy!!! I can't believe it! And the anticipation is killing me because that lucky 100th sale is going to get a free gift! I've been holding at 99 for 4 days now - come on someone buy something!!! Come on in and take a peak at my shop

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